Friday, 24 February 2012

Oscar Roundtable: Meet This Year?s Best Costume Design Nominees

As the big night fast approaches, it?s time for another of Movieline?s virtual awards roundtables. Our Oscar nominees this time are up for Best Costume Design. They are (in alphabetical order):

· Lisy Cristal, Anonymous
· Michael O?Connor, Jane Eyre
· Arianne Phillips, W.E.
· Sandy Powell, Hugo

(The Artist costume designer Mark Bridges was unavailable to participate.)

Congrats to them! But now we have some questions. Take a moment to get to know them, their stories, their takes on the race, and, of course, their respective Oscar-night dates.

Where do you get started in the huge undertaking that is costume design for a film?

CRISTAL: It starts with the wonderful work of research and the decision to stay true to and yet imaginative with the era. You start with how it was and then you find your own interpretation of the era. After a certain time, I became familiar with the time period; day by day it became more natural to design costumes and to dress nobles, theater actors, poor locals, etc. from the 16th century. Of course, finding the right people for the costume crew and the workshops is also a huge undertaking as well. We decided to work with two famous workshops in London (Sands Film and Cosprop).

O?CONNOR: After reading the script, I normally read the book. Sometimes it can be very useful. There can be extra character information in the book that is nuanced in the script. Then I start, as detailed as I can, researching the time period and what I think is most important about it, such as silhouette and textiles. I will meet with the director to get a brief about how he/she thinks it should be visualised and then with the production designers to see what their thoughts are;�it…


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